Dr. Lucas Maganga


 Job Title: MMRC Head of HIV and Reproductive health research department

 Qualifications: MD, MPH

 Research Interests: He is a Principal Investigator of many research projects including international multicenter studies.His main research experience includes the establishment and coordination of large HIV incidence cohorts, Phase I/II HIV vaccine studies and clinical trials evaluating new HIV therapies. He has received various training on human-subjects protection in research such as Collaborative Institutional Training Initiative (CITI) and GCP. Dr Maganga is an author of several peer reviewed international publications. His main research interest is HIV and opportunistic infections


Erick Sichinga

esichinga  Job Title: Senior Administrator
 Qualifications : MBA

Dr. Ruby Mcharo


 Job Title: Clinical Project Coordinator-2H Study

 Qualifications: MPH-International Health, MD

 Research Interests: Public Health, Cervical Cancer Studies, HPV Studies, NCDs Prevention


Dr. Issa Sabi


Job Title: Research Scientist

Qualifications: MD. MMed (Paediatrics and Child Health)

Research Interests: Research on infectious diseases with specific focus on treatment and diagnosis of tuberculosis and co-infections like HIV/AIDS


Dr. Nyanda Elias

Nyanda Elias 

Job Title: HOD, TB and Emerging Diseases Research Programs
Qualifications : MD, MSc and PhD Candidate
Research Interests: Infectious Diseases in particular TB; ranging from diagnostics, therapeutic to operational research




Cornelia Lüer


 Job Title:  Main Lab Manager

 Qualifications:  BSc of Public Health, Laboratory Technician

 Interests:  other cultures, organizational management, epidemiology

Dr. Mkunde Chachage


Job Title: Research Scientist, Co-head of the NIMR-MMRC main research Laboratory

Qualifications: Ph.D

Research Interests: Mkunde is a biomedical researcher with interest in the immunology of Infectious diseases, focusing on HIV co-infections. To date, Mkunde has been involved in research projects that dissect pathogenic mechanism during HIV co-infection with other pathogens including helminthes and Human Papilloma Viruses (HPV).


Revocatus Kunambi

revokatus_kunambi   Job Title: Research Pharmacist

  Qualifications : B.Pharm


Dr. Monica Minja


Job Title: Training Coordinator

Qualifications : MPH

Interests: Prevention of diseases, based on recent research and existing knowledge.

Sharing information and skills to improve the health and subsequently the wealth of the communities.

Languages: English, Kiswahili, Romanian, and French (petit peu)


Fidelis Mbunda

Fidelis Mbunda

 Job Title: Senior Accountant


Dr. Chacha Mangu

Chacha_Mangu Job Title: Study Physician

Qualifications : MD

Research Interests: N/A


Willyhelmina Olomi


Job Title: Data Manager

Qualifications:Bsc in Applied Statistics

Interest: Statistical computing, Data Visualization, biostatistics, econometrics and general applied Statistics.

Hobbies: Reading, traveling and watching movies


Weston Assisya


Job Title: General service manager

Qualifications: NIT- Grace College on Logistics Management

Languages: Kiswahili, English

Interests: My main interest is making sure MMRC's logistics go smoothly. I have been a proud member of the team since 2000


Peter Agrea

Job Title: ICT Manager

Qualifications: Bsc. in Computer Science

Tasks at MMRC: Information systems and Network administration, IS Security. Database design and development and IT support.


Miriam Mchome

Miriam Mchome

Job Title: Head of Department for IT and General Service Department

Qualifications: Bsc Computer Science

Interests: Building software, automating tasks and time travel. Miriam is also very passionate about women's rights and sustainable development


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