PD Dr. Michael Hoelscher, MD, PhD

Michael Hölscher

Job Title: Director for International Medicine & Public Health at
the Department of Infectious Diseases & Tropical Medicine, Klinikum der Universitaet Muenchen
Scientific Director at
NIMR Mbeya Medical Research Center
Qualifications: MD, PhD Infectious Diseases & Tropical Medicine.
Languages: German, English, French, Swahili (kidogo sana lakini Hakuna matata)
Interests: Research is a group effort that can only be successful if it respects the interests of all concerned parties, starting with the individual volunteer, the community where the research is conducted, the supporting institutions and countries as well as the participating researchers. Research needs an overall vision that is communicated  to everyone involved and that undergoes a constant reality check. In my work as a scientist I strive to achieve this goal.

Christof Geldmacher PhD

Christof Geldmacher

Job Title: Immunologist
Qualifications: PhD studies on HIV-specific T cell responses  in Mbeya. 2 year Post-doctoral fellowship in the Immunology laboratory of the Vaccine Research Center, National Institutes of Health in Bethesda, USA. Since 2006 Scientific Advisor of the MMRC
Languages: German, English (fluent), Portuguese, Spanish, some Kiswahili
Research Interests: Studying and identifying immune correlates of protection and failures of the immune system during natural infection and during vaccine trials is an integral part of rational vaccine development. One important aspect of these studies is to understand how viral genetic diversity can influence virus-specific T cell responses. This is important, because the extensive genetic diversity is a phenomenon observed in many virus types (eg. HIV, HCV, Influenza, Dengue virus, Human Papilloma Virus types) and can be an obstacle to vaccine efficiency. Additional studies aim to elucidate basic pathogenic mechanisms during HIV infection associated with disease progression and to better understand the interplay between HIV and the human immune system in relation to opportunistic infections.

Elmar Saathoff PhD


Job Title: Senior Scientist Epidemiology
Qualifications: Ph.D., M.P.H., M.Sc.-Biology
Languages: German and English
Interests: Infectious disease epidemiology, focusing on HIV, TB and helminth infections; Analysis of non-gaussian and clustered data, multilevel analysis; Spatial statistics; GIS, remote sensing and their application in infectious disease epidemiology.

Sonja Henne, MSc

Sonja_Henne Job Title:Head of Clinical Development
Qualifications: Msc Pharmaceutical Medicine, Diploma in Medical Documentation
Languages: German, English, French, Spanish, Dutch. Basic Chinese.
Interests: Medical research should support providing a basic standard of care to every citizen on the globe. Contributing to the development of innovative, affordable medicines for disadvantaged populations is my goal. My focus is on coordinating all aspects of clinical trials according to ICH-guidelines. Together with my team colleagues we are setting up within our department the structures for these highly regulated trials. We are currently in the planning phase of a set of Phase II trials of an innovative TB drug, with the First Patient In expected in the very near future, i.e. Q4/2010.

Dr. Arne Kroidl

Arne Kroidl

Job Title: HIV/ AIDS Research Coordinator
Qualifications: MD
Research Interests: N/A

Norbert Heinrich, MD


Job Title:Senior Scientist, Tuberculosis and Neglected Diseases
Qualifications: MD, Board certified Paediatrician
Languages: German, English, French, Chichewa (basic)
Research Interests: Norbert's interests range from Tuberculosis diagnostics and treatment to emerging infectious diseases, and paediatric diseases in the developing world. Currently he is mainly involved in the PanACEA activity part of the Munich office, which deals with the new anti-TB drug candidate SQ109. His part in the drug trials includes protocol writing and other sponsor medical expert duties. Other activities include participation in setup and conduct of TB diagnostic trials, and epidemiological research on emerging infectious diseases.
Privately, he enjoys reading, photography and hiking.

Dr. Inge Kroidl


Job title: Senior Scientist, infectious diseases
Qualification: MD, MpH, Specialist for internal medicine and infectious diseases
Research interest: Inge´s main interests are the immunologic reactions of the human body to chronic infections. Major topics are helminth infections and the possible modulation of the immune system, which can improve atopic and autoimmune disorders. Other interests are HIV and possible co-infections, like tuberculosis, helminth infections and different virus infections,which threaten the health of HIV infected persons during the course of the disease.
Other interests are bicycling, skating, music and dancing.

Guenter Froschl

Guenter Froschl

Job title: Coordinator of the PhD-Program International Health
Qualifications: MD, Specialist in Internal Medicine and Emergency Medicine, MSc International Health
Interests: Infectious Diseases and Tropical Medicine, Global and Public Health, Crisis and Disaster Management, Humanitarian Aid, Responsible and Sustainable Governance, Societal Philosophy, Linguistics, Mountaineering

Bettina Prüller


Job Title: Center for International Health CIHLMU Project Coordination
Qualifications: Dipl. Buwi. (publishing, economics, literature)
Languages: German, English, Italian
Interests: Bettina coordinates and administers the CIHLMU which consists of four faculties and 12 institutes at the Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität in Munich. They work together with more than 50 universities, ministries, the World Health Organisation and other stakeholders in the field of health. Further information can be found on www.cih.lmu.de. Bettina likes working in an international team, especially because she likes foreign languages. That's why she now started learning Spanish. When she is not taking care of students or calculating the budget for the CIH, she enjoys reading, watching movies and traveling.


Betiel Berhe


Job Title: Head of Project Administration & Finance
Qualifications: Business Administration & Economics 
Languages: German, English, Tigrinja


Jan Wildt


Job Title: Financial Officer
Qualifications:  Bachelor Professional (CCI) Business
Languages: German, English, Spanish (basic)
Interests:  Humanitarian aid, ecological agriculture, technical devices (computers, cell phones), Bayern Munich and my motorbike.


Marion Goeldner


Job Title: Administration and Logistics Manager
Qualifications: Nursing, experience in organizing and office activities
Languages: German, English
Interests: Marion is a member of the LMU staff since 2001. Her main interest is to support staff and projects at MMRC in Mbeya, Tanzania.
Hobbies: Traveling, cycling and meeting friends.

Petra Schneider


Job Title: Administration and Logistics Manager
Office clerk, Masseur therapist
Languages: German
Interests: Petra is a member of the LMU staff since September 2006. Her main interests are Reading, travelling, cycling and meeting friends.

Dr. Andrea Rachow


Job Title: Tuberculosis Scientist
Qualifications: MD
Research Interests: Development and evaluation of new TB-diagnostics and TB-treatment strategies, including characterization of TB treatment marker. Impact of the nature of TB-infection and the presence of co-infections (like HIV) on the performance of diagnostic tools and treatment outcome. Diagnostic algorithms in childhood TB. Investigation of strategies and challenges to combat the TB-epidemic in the developing world.

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