Project Coordinator:  A. Rachow MD

In collaboration with FIND-Diagnostics (Geneva), Cepheid (USA), and University College London (UCL), new diagnostics for simple and rapid detection of TB and drug resistance are being developed and evaluated.
Currently, the portfolio in evaluation comprises PCR-based methods directly from smear positive sputum or positive culture, such as GeneXpert® and Hain MTBDRplus®, and the further evaluation of IFN-y release assays (IGRAs) for their performance in detection of childhood TB, and as a markers for treatment course.
In another project, transrenally excreted  mycobacterial DNA is evaluated as biomarker for TB treatment course.
As a gold standard, culture on solid and liquid media is done in our state-of-the art TB laboratory, followed by molecular species determination.
LMU Department for Infectious Diseases and Tropical Medicine provides study design and study coordination within the NIMR-MMRC collaboration, and manages the TB Laboratory through its team members.

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