Ralph Wagner

Ralph Wagner is a University Professor, heading the Molecular Microbiology and Gene Therapy Unit at the Institute of Medical Microbiology and Hygiene, University of Regensburg, Germany. His group is dedicated to the development, and preclinical as well as clinical testing, of HIV candidate vaccines including preclinical and clinical monitoring of antigen-specific B- and T-cell responses. Due to the necessity of rational vaccine design, the group is focussing on various aspects of epidemiology, viral pathogenesis and morphogenesis, HIV replication, and vaccine manufacturing. In that context, he has pioneered e.g. the utilization of recombinant HI-virus like particles as vaccine candidates and established the utilization of RNA and codon optimized genes as golden standard in vaccine design and development. Together with partners and funded by various national and international funding organizations, he successfully translated a broader panel of HIV immunogens from the design stage to phase 2 clinical trials. He is an inventor and co-inventor of several patents and patent applications. Besides his academic activities Prof. Wagner is a founder and has been a long term CEO and Chief Scientific Officer of GeneArt AG (1999 –2012), now part of Thermofisher Inc.. He was amongst the first scientists to recognize the value of gene/genome design and synthesis for different areas of biotechnology including vaccine development and is thus consequently translating basic research tools and scalable technologies into a quickly emerging business.


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