Mkunde Chachage

Mkunde Chachage Is a biomedical researcher at the National Institute for Medical Research- Mbeya Medical Research Center (NIMR-MMRC) – Tanzania. Dr. Chachage completed her BSc. in molecular biology and BSc (Hons) in infectious diseases and Immunology at the University of Cape Town, South Africa before obtaining her PhD in International Health_Immunology at the Ludwig-Maximilians University in Munich-Germany. She is interested in human immune responses to infectious diseases. Over the past six years, she has studied and published on immunologic interactions between HIV and other pathogens with a particular focus on cellular immunology. She is a laboratory research coordinator of the “HIV and HPV interaction” study and has lead affords to characterize HPV-specific T cell responses in relation to HPV disease, and to HIV and HAART status at NIMR-MMRC and at the Vaccine Research Center, NIH in Bethesda, USA. In 2012, Dr. Chachage was awarded the “Dr. Maria Kamm Best Young Woman Scientist Award” by the National 26th Annual Joint Scientific Conference Committee, Tanzania.


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